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August 1, 2008 7:16 PM quote 
long25 is offline long25
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 newbie needs help..loose meat sandwiches
I am buying a small town deli, and turning it into a cafe type of place with loose meat sandwiches. My problem is...I am not for sure what type of cooker to buy. I believe I use a steamer such as the ones that "Roundup" that correct? I thought I knew how to make loose meat home anyway....Is there anybody who serves loose meat...or(maid-rite) type of sandwhiches that could help....thanks!!!!!!!!
August 4, 2008 10:28 PM quote 
long25 is offline long25
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Location: pilot grove missouri
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any ideas?......I was told by someone to use a roundup steamer, they work good...
August 5, 2008 9:33 AM quote 
Mark A. is offline Mark A.
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The only time I had a loose meat sandwich, it was fried on a griddle so I am a little confused on the steamer. Please explain the process of a loose meat sandwich, isnt it basically a burger but not in a patty form? The one I had was loose ground beef, on a bun with all the fixins complete with a spoon on the side apparently to pick up the droppings.
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August 5, 2008 12:57 PM quote 
Brandon94275 is offline Brandon94275
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Here's a company that has been selling them successfully for almost 80 years.

Call one up and ask them about their "patented cooker". Most managers/owners are happy to help people out that aren't direct competition.
Brandon O'Dell

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August 5, 2008 3:59 PM quote 
long25 is offline long25
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Location: pilot grove missouri
Posts: 3 answer your questions about "loose meat" sandwich. People call it differant things.....loose hamburger,loose meat sandwich, "maid-rite" burgers....or yes, steamed hamburger.....At home we just cook loose hamburger in a fry pan like most people, the differance a pan, your cooking it in it's own greae or you add a little water. "Round-up" and a few other companies make steamers..... one person recomended that to me. "STEAMED HAMBURGERS or MAID-RITE style are steam cooked and they are not cooked in therte own grease. They taste better that way also. I remember whenever I went to the fair and got one...the loose hamburger was usually in a large crock pot or slow cooker. However, I don't think they cooked the meat in those..they cooked it and trew it in those to keep warm. I know restraunts keep the meat in a steam table. I think Taco Bells use some type of steam cooker for there meat....I seen one for sale on ebay once, but I wasn't for sure about buying it..............This is a small cafe I am redoing , we won't be selling ALOT of these, I mean our town only has about 1,000 people....but we are a stop on the "Katy Trail" there are alot of bikers thru here during the summer months..
August 6, 2008 2:21 PM quote 
Dr of BBQ is offline Dr of BBQ
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Here is a Link to the history of Taylors Maid-Rite Sandwich

And here is a home made version But below that is what I use and i think it's much closer
to the original than anything I have ever tried. We have an original Maid-Rite here in town
and I know the owner but i think he has changed the recipe over the years.

Home made

The best maid-rite I have ever had.
Un-Official Maid-Rite Recipe

2 pounds of ground beef
1 cup beer
1 1/2 tsp. white pepper
2 tsp. dry mustard
2 tbsp. sugar

Boil (yes, boil) the beef in a pot with enough water to just cover the meat. Boil until the pink is gone, then drain.

Put drained beef in a large skillet and add all remaining ingredients. Simmer and stir, continually breaking up the beef until crumbly and the beer is almost evaporated.

Serve on steamed buns, topping with cheese, diced onion, mustard and dill pickles to taste.

The Doctor of BBQ

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